What We Fund

The CAP Foundation is channeling its Rippey grant to meet the needs of the coronavirus pandemic. Announcing the John H. Rippey Grant for Expedited Research – The Impact of Laboratory Testing for SARS-CoV-2 on Quality and Patient Safety.

Funding is available to investigate the impact of COVID-19 related tests on patient outcomes. Apply by 6/1.

See, Test & Treat® Grant

Funded Up ToFocusEligibilityTimeframe
$20,000Pathologist-led free cervical and breast cancer screenings for medically underserved women throughout the United StatesCAP Members2020 Request for Application period June 17 - August 30, 2019

Herbek Humanitarian Award

Funded Up ToFocusEligibilityTimeframe
$1,500Covers travel expenses up to $1,500 for a See, Test & Treat contributor to attend the CAP Annual Meeting and receive their award.CAP member pathologist who has significantly contributed to the See, Test & Treat programSubmit nominations by June 7

Leadership Development Award

Funded Up ToFocusEligibilityTimeframe
$1,200Travel to attend the 2022 Spring Residents Forum Meeting or the Pathologists Leadership Summit to enhance education and experience on issues challenging the pathology specialtyCAP Junior MembersApply by December 30

Informatics Award

Funded Up ToFocusEligibilityTimeframe
$1,200Travel to attend informatics courses at the CAP Annual Meeting to gain exposure and understand the impact on the specialty of pathology and patient care.CAP Junior MembersApply by April 6

Translational Diagnostics: Advanced Training Elective

Funded Up ToFocusEligibilityTimeframe
$5,000Four-week hands-on training at Ventana Medical Systems' Tucson headquarters; training focused on developing novel histopathology assaysCAP Junior Members - at least 1 year of residency completedApply by
September 14

John H. Rippey Grant For Laboratory Quality Assurance

Funded Up ToFocusEligibilityTimeframe
$20,000Provides funding to investigate the impact of COVID-19-related tests on patient outcomes.CAP MembersApply by January 11

Medical Student Travel Award

Funded Up ToFocusEligibilityTimeframe
$1,200Travel to attend the CAP Annual Meeting, where awardees will gain valuable insight and critical knowledge from experts regarding the field of pathology and career pathwaysMedical studentsApply by March 9

Digital Pathology Observership Grant

Funded Up ToFocusEligibilityTimeframe
--Two-week program at Astra Zeneca’s Gaithersburg, Maryland research facility; recipients gain hands-on exposure around using AI solution platforms to examine digital pathology imagesCAP Junior Members - at least 3 years of residency trainingApply by
March 31